Throughout the years, we have identified many Hospital Wards for which to develop new products. Our highly specialised innovations quickly confirmed themselves to be a huge success in the biotech sector, and are used by the world’s most important hospitals in their Radiology, Resuscitation and Subcutaneous Infusion wards.

Resuscitation units

For resuscitation units, we make both medical devices, including the Nutrivent, and electro-medical equipment, such as the Optivent.


For Medical Imaging, SIDAM makes disposable medical devices (for the transfer of means of contrast for CT, MR, ultrasound scans and angiographies), electro-medical equipment, in other words Thermostatic Cells (Warm-MB – multi bottle – and Warm-SB – single bottle), as well as an injector for means of contrast during ultrasound scans. For interventional radiology, we deal with Vertebroplasty.