In the city that gave birth to the well-known humanist and philosopher Pico della Mirandola, a biomedical district developed over the years in the northern part of Modena’s province that is currently a leader on the European market for the production of disposable devices and components for dialysis treatments. 

In fact, Mirandola’s Biomedical District is home to over 100 companies specialised in plastic disposable products and electro-medical devices: we are taking for the most part of small to medium-size businesses (85.6%), but there are also many multinationals (14.4%), both foreign (60%) and Italian (40%), that employ a total of about 5,000 workers for a turnover of almost € 1 billion (satellite industries included). 

The fields of application are haemodialysis, heart surgery, anaesthesia and resuscitation, dialysis, transfusion and more, with uses in the following healthcare sectors: haemodialysis, heart surgery, anaesthesia and resuscitation, aphaeresis and plasmaphaeresis, transfusion, nutrition and gynaecology .   

The year 2010 marked the inauguration of MOBIMED, at Castello dei Pico, a permanent exhibition of Mirandola’s biomedical products and innovations that illustrates the history of Mirandola’s medical compartment from 1962 up to the present time.

During the month of April 2012, the Biomedical District celebrated its 50th anniversary with a series of events and conferences. In May of that same year, two strong earthquakes hit the district areas, forcing several companies to find new factories and facilities in which to start over since the existing ones had been totally destroyed.