From the past to the future
passing through innovation

SIDAM was founded in January of 1991 in Mirandola (MO) by Graziano Azzolini, already an expert connoisseur of the biotech sector, who perceived the need of excellent hospitals at the international level for disposable medical devices, in other words innovative products that could be used by the following hospital wards:

  • Operating Rooms: post-hospital surgical drainage
  • Heart Surgery: extra-corporeal circulation circuits
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology: histological biopsy and termination of pregnancy
  • Intensive care: devises for medicine infusion

Later on, SIDAM saw in Radiology (medical imaging) the sector that would allow it to take on a specific identity: thanks to a meeting between Graziano Azolini and a respected top clinician, and to Azolini’s intention to fulfil the clinician’s needs, SIDAM specialised in the testing and production of devices used to transfer to the patient the means of contrast for CT, MR, ultrasound scan and angiography.

Today, SIDAM is able to cover all company phases, from marketing activities to R&D, from production up to marketing and after-sales activities, for the purpose of ensuring utmost control over the quality of all its products, having constant view of the market needs, offering its customers innovation and an increasingly careful service.

The earthquake that hit the Mirandola district did not stop SIDAM’s production activities, as its nonstop growth was confirmed and consolidated with the company acquisition of the Milan-based firm Synopo S.p.A. in January 2015.

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